A greying society and opportunity in shared ownership

A greying society and increasing life expectancy are creating new problems for retirement savings.

As you get older, the worry of not saving enough during your career increases drastically. Nowadays, from the mid-career professional through to the baby-boomer, we are all facing the reality of lower returns in an economic environment full of uncertainty.

How should we invest for our greying years?

You could go to your financial adviser, create a diversified portfolio, or instead place your money in a deposit account. The current problems with those solutions are the persistent lower interest rate, and the lack of access to high income products. Clients need a solution to match a move from wealth accumulation to income generation.

Also, most of the savings products are either too complex or high minimum amounts so unavailable to the majority of investors.

Savers need an intermediary between them and the product

Crowdfunding can be an innovative way to gain access collectively to products you may not afford individually; this concept is even more powerful when the asset concerned is not freely available.

We are building a platform that allows:

  • Direct ownership
  • Access to high income products
  • Lower investment costs
  • Secure investments
  • Simplicity

Helping investors earn a decent income or “salary” on your savings is one of the main outcomes we want to achieve with our platform.

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