Better income from co-investing

One of the world's first co-ownership bond platforms.

Ground-breaking technology for investors and advisers.

Income from big brands and governments from around the world.

Make it easy to invest
Keep things simple and transparent
Consistent returns
Avoid equity volatility

A better alternative

Real cash returns are negative. Equities are volatile. Peer to Peer lending is risky.

We are in business to solve this problem.

We offer a great alternative way of getting steady returns from the big names you know.

The power of the crowd

We provide direct co-ownership of large corporate bonds using cutting edge crowd technology.

Empowering investors

We empower investors to get direct access to great returns via the financing of household names and brands.


Our innovators

Lawrie Chandler

Two decades in financial product development and investment marketing.

Adam Starr

Financial software firm development; from build to growth and then exit.

Paul Taylor

Twenty years in direct and intermediary wealth marketing.

Backed by investors in high growth businesses

Our investors and backers

Creative England

Creative England is a national agency that invests in and supports the best ideas, talent and businesses in digital media.

Regional Growth Fund

UK government financed strategic pool of capital to develop innovative private sector initiatives to create jobs and finance high growth companies.

Barclays Eagle Lab

Barclays Eagle Lab Flight brought together Creative England's expertise in unlocking creative thinking with Barclay's Eagle Labs business acumen.

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