Practitioner-led fintech

More than technology

In depth financial markets expertise in fixed income, security operations and financial regulation.


We are more than just technologists able to configure and integrate our platform. We can provide the business analysis and project management expertise required to dovetail bondsmart into your end-to-end investment process.

Consultancy services

We have a track record of helping our clients build a solid internal business case for launching a fractional bond product to their customer base.

Initiated and led "full-lifecycle" for regulatory approval of fractional bonds. Regulation by design inherent in our workflows. Received emerging technology approval for a client with their local regulator and federal government.

Our lead innovators

Lawrie Chandler

Two decades in financial product development and investment marketing.

Adam Starr

Financial software firm development; from build to growth and then exit.

Backed by investors in high growth businesses

Our investors

Creative England

Creative England is a national agency that invests in and supports the best ideas, talent and businesses in digital media.

Regional Growth Fund

UK government financed strategic pool of capital to develop innovative private sector initiatives to create jobs and finance high growth companies.

Edale Investments

Base work for bondsmart until spun out. Continue to share resources for lean development and co-operating on operations

Accolades and alumni

Our backers

Barclays Eagle Labs Flight programme 2017 with Creative England
Dubai International Financial Centre Fintech Hive 2018
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