Backers of distinction – Investment from the UK Government

Followers of Good Company Wealth probably already know that every day we strive to make investing for an income as easy and convenient as it can be. But what you may not always see is the heavy lifting and technical knowhow in the background to validate our vision. We are happy to report we now have a UK Investment Agency as a backer of our business.

To further our development of an innovative income focused savings platform, we submitted an application for an investment from the UK Government. Recently we heard we’d been granted a convertible loan to development our product and validate the service. The convertible loan comes from the UK government’s Regional Growth Fund, a strategic pool of capital launched by the government to develop innovative private sector initiatives to create jobs and finance high growth companies.

Regional Growth Fund (RGF) was launched in June 2010 to support businesses across all sectors and regions in England. RGF is a competitive fund with two primary objectives: to stimulate enterprise by leveraging private sector investment to support projects and programmes with significant potential for economic growth; and to support areas and communities dependent on the public sector to make the transition to private sector-led growth. In our case the Regional Growth Fund was delivered by Creative England.

We are really excited to have UK government support in a sector where ‘trust’ and credibility are imperative. We feel this is a positive endorsement for our clients, stakeholders and partners.

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