Brexit and You

Everyday life has its small and unexpected challenges

Once in a lifetime a change comes along (welcomed or not) and though it may not feel like Brexit will impact you, anyone with a relationship with a financial institution may see things change. The next few years will be foggy in many aspects until the detail burns the mists away. Though this is a great opportunity to redouble efforts to go forward and have a win attitude. Take control of things you can in your life and work.

Renegotiating treaties involving thousands of laws between UK and the EU won’t be an easy task.

Financial services are a massive export from the UK. Changes to passporting of these services will impact how they are delivered. Regulation following the Financial Crisis and new technologies are transforming the market and Brexit is another factor to add the list of things influencing change.

What issues Brexit could present to users of financial services:

  • The uncertain economic journey is unlikely to mean higher interest rates and thus not optimal for savers wanting an income.
  • Even with the protection of savings in the UK given by the Financial Services Compensation Schemes (FSCS), it’s uncertain how European protection schemes shall cover UK investors with savings overseas.
  • Complicated legal issues to solve between UK and EU banks might lead to more complex legislation for a UK investor who wants to invest somewhere in Europe and surely more bureaucracy to handle for you and your adviser.

Helping to ease investment headaches is the core of our platform and we are focusing on using the power of the crowd to give you access to high income securities; moreover, by investing in known companies in the UK, you contribute to its economic health and transition.

In our world we think “be great and support everyone to build and prosper.” We continue under Brexit with no change in our mission and renewed energy to do good.

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