Challenge of being a future retiree

Governments are trying to find solutions to finance the future retirement of current workers with no real master plan. Raising the age of retirement seems to be the main policy response – they do not have other ideas yet – to one of the biggest challenges faced by the majority of developed countries.

How can we effectively support older generations as they reach retirement?

A much older society means that, independently of the system of retirement planning, future generations will have to work longer to finance life after their working years. Be that as it may, people need better products to ensure their savings help them to live comfortably. Governments are not leading the way anymore, it’s down to the individuals to take the proactive steps to secure their own financial future.

Living comfortably after state retirement age means for most people paid work after retirement and also maximizing income from savings.

So, anyone in the middle of their career has to do a financial health check to know how they can save more and get better returns on their existing assets to ease pressures later in life.

Here are some thoughts:

  • As a saver you know your life goals and tolerance for risks, but it’s a struggle to see through the financial maze or simply don’t know where to invest your savings. It is essential that any investment meets your needs; especially given the current unstable economic situation that makes the challenge no easier.
  • As an everyday investor you should be able to get access to the same financial products as the elite but the minimum requirements exclude you from buying those. Look at ways to be involved in innovative finance to open new doors.

Our ambition is to give you access to high income securities, in a simple and easy manner to help you secure your financial future.

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