‘Charles Darwin’ £10 note retiring a third poorer

The retirement of a coin of the realm can help us realise what happens in the life of money and what investment planning we should be making.

We all retire after a long life of work. ‘Charles Darwin’ has seen 18 years on the face on the British ten-pound note. In that time the value of that ten-pound note has fallen by a third. Inflation has eroded the purchasing power. These days more people need to generate more income from their money but it is not always easy.

The ‘Charles Darwin’ image sits alongside a compass, boat on a calm sea and hummingbird gazing at flowers. All of these calm pictures are a counter to the topsy-turvy would he retires from. The old £10 note will cease to be legal tender at the end of 1 March 2018. Now polymer has replaced paper which is expected to have a life of twice the old paper note. Times have changed.

With more people needing an income and fewer places available as a decent and secure home then technology can be a way to simplify investment decision making. We want to simplify the way that people earn an income from their investments, make it easier to see that cashflow and make informed financial decisions.