How we work: The crofting for savings

Let’s continue our series of short stories by choosing a new example to explain what we do in a simple manner. After picking the cake and allotment example this time we are north of the border, in Scotland, crofting.

How does it work?

Crofting has been popular in Scotland since the 19th century, especially in the Scottish Highlands. This clever idea is to make people – usually farmers living in the same village or town – collaborate together to run a small-scale food production operation and by doing so reduce the costs, increase efficiencies and have the benefits of a local production.

How do we apply this concept?

We are taking the same original idea and applying it in a bigger scale on a different market to reduce the cost of buying a corporate bond for the smaller investor, who can’t afford this kind of product.The usual threshold to buy a bond is £100,000 so much like buying a masses of land to run a farm is prohibitively expensive to most of us.

What we want people to create as an output by working together is not food, but income.

By helping you – a smaller investor – collaborate with others we enable a group of people to purchase a fraction of a bond and by doing so unlock access to the corporate bond market so more investors can find a good alternative to the traditional products proposed by the market.

The main result is almost the same as the original, people were able to produce food in a different way allowing them to be more independent while being part of a community. We are helping you to produce income for your retirement and contributing to ease off the effects of the saving crisis in the UK.