How we work: a piece of cake

Financial jargon is a curse of the investment profession, turning the intangible into PhD rocket science. So in a short series of articles we want to take our business and explain it in terms that are far more tangible to everyday life.

It is hard to explain an idea clearly without being dry.

We believe describing a concept by using a simple example is the best approach to show what we do.

Our goal is to give you an opportunity to enjoy a cake currently not available to you or most ordinary people. Unless you are rich enough to have access to an exclusive club you are not let in. The cake is supremely expensive to buy so you need people to share the cost to enjoy a slice.

Here’s a tasty story. You want to go to a party, where everybody else wants to go, to try a quadruple chocolate cake, everyone’s favourite. Arriving at the event the front door is locked and you are with most people waiting outside. Even worse, only a few can enter because they have enough money to buy the cake which costs in excess of £100,000.

You are excluded from the party and from buying a slice of the cake. We come to the rescue to unlock the door and by grouping you with others everyone can buy it and you get a slice. This is the power of co-ownership.

By allowing you to buy a fraction of the cake, instead of the whole, you will be able to savour it with others and because of the setup of our business you get VIP access to the party.

This is how we help investors earn a better income. In this example, the party where everyone wants to go is the closed world of professional fund managers and the cake is corporate bond which requires a minimum investment amount of over £100,000 so we help to make it available at a lower cost by buying the whole and making slices available.