What is the price spread?

The platform operates like a traditional bond market based on a request for quote system.

Quotes are taken from the market to get a consensus bid and ask (also known as offer price). The difference between the bid and ask price is known as the price spread.

The spread profit represents the profit the platform operating makes for offering the secondary market liquidity and it compensates for the risk of market-making.

The spread profit is defined by the difference between the market bid and market offer prices. An additional spread may apply at the platform level for each Offering to reflect the fractionalisation basis of making an Offering available in smaller lots.

Register as an Adviser

An Adviser Account can be opened only by a head of a company who has a personal account and has completed an identification procedure for themselves and their organisation.

To open an account, a head of a company needs create an account or log in to his/her personal account, select complete the registration then enter the company’s registration information.

Once the personal account with an orgaisations information is completed and registered contact the support team to upgrade your account to an Adviser Account.

Once the Adviser Account is activated login from the main login and the adviser dashboard will load.