Not a Budget for bold savers

The Chancellor’s Autumn Budget was a lacklustre affair. There was nothing for those looking to protect their money against the long-term ravages of inflation. Trailed as being a non-budget, it certainly lived up to its expectations for savers. The Chancellor’s ploughing a different field to us.

Aside from some positive upward tinkering with the personal allowance, and a small increase to the lifetime allowance on pensions, there was very little to help you make the most of your money over the long term.

With growth forecast to be lower for longer, many are expecting the same to be the case for interest rates on cash, despite the recent 0.25% hike by the Bank of England.

Necessity has always been the mother of invention: this continued low growth, low rate world is exactly why we are building bondsmart.

We will aim to give people access to better returns than cash from household brands, without the rollercoaster ride of shares, nor the fog of peer-to-peer lending.

We’re busy finetuning our widgets and wiring our systems to plug this growing savings gap.

All the best to you, and your hard-earned.

The Team @ bondsmart