Web based investment technology

bondsmart is a fractional-ownership fixed income investment platform that enables a financial institution to deliver a new, highly-differentiated, financial product to its customer base.


Browse the menu of “names you know”, to buy slices of bonds paying high income, to build a portfolio.

Choose income level + how long to invest

Select bonds with coupons and maturities that fit the investor’s risk profile and investment timeframe.

Choose income level + how long to invest

Invest a lump sum to buy a portfolio, or invest small amounts over time.

Track investments

Full transaction history, cashflow and performance tracking to keep your advisors and customers informed.

Do more for your customers

Fits around your firm’s existing advisor process. Use technology to reach new investors and better serve your existing customer base.

Tools to support your customers and wealth advisors within your firm

Portfolio builder

Build a personal DIY bond portfolio to suit any budget.

Resell market

Bargain matching secondary market between investors and treasury team.

Automatic feeds

Price feeds and data relays to ensure we can connect to your funding, KYC and workflows.

Designed to be plug and play

Complete system

Full-lifecycle technology solution: front, middle and back-office.

Intuitive design

Investors see a simple, highly visual, bond marketplace using “crowd-funding” principles.

Your branding

bondsmart is designed to be branded and Integrated into Financial Institution’s own customer portal.