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In 2016 we spent a stack of time in the workshop, design studio and in the field – not building something new – but making something better with parts already available in the market.

In this era marked by unstable markets and low interest rates people need to get more income from their savings. They want predictable and steady income known at the outset. Equities cannot do this. Mutual funds hope to do this. Direct bonds can do it but the minimum investment is way too high for the everyday investor.

So, Good Company Wealth went to the workshop and worked out a smart way to unlock access to the corporate bond market for the smaller investor.

We intend to give joe public the same access as your big pension fund manager to earn attractive income on your pot of savings.

What we plan to offer is simple:

  • Put your money with a high street firm you are familiar with,
  • earn a set interest rate at the time you invest,
  • know when to expect your cashflows and
  • get your money back at a set maturity date

The main risk is the solvency of the high street firm you lend the money too.

We also want to do this in a consumer-friendly way avoiding financial jargon.

The journey is now underway. Come along with us.

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