Better Income Through Co-investing

Bondsmart brings benefits to the financial institutions and their retail clients. Improve your propositions and increase financial inclusion.

Opening investments to more retail customers

Innovating financial institutions

Retail investor benefits


Access to bonds which, due to high-minimums and lack of market access points, have previously been the preserve of institutional investors and super wealthy.

Names they know

Clients pick bonds from a menu of companies and household brands they are familiar with. 

Easy to Invest

Low initial minimum investment. Simple, intuitive portal to invest in individual bonds or build a portfolio. Sell bonds before their maturity if desired, via a secondary market.


Far less volatile than equities or "alternative" asset classes.

Consistent returns

The investor's fractional bond investment pays a known income stream at regular intervals which can be withdrawn or re-invested.

Beats cash

Much higher income return than cash deposits.

Benefits for the financial institution

Financial inclusion

Open your mass affluent clients to a better investment option available in bitesize lots.

Offer better yields

Unhappy with offering retail customers tiny yields on their deposits? Unable to offer your customers access to "institutional" debt. Bondsmart can help you.

New retail product

Release a new highly-differentiated retail product taking advantage of trends in capital markets and digital retail services.

Ready made technology

Reach more customers with an end-to-end technology. Reduce the expense of implementation and automated workflows to reduce operational costs.

Offer better yields

Simple purchase process for your customers from a menu of clearly presented income products. Friendly interface and re-engineered processes to simplify everything.