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Ready-made income technology

We'll help you reach more clients through technology.

Offering a simple purchase process and clearly presented income products.

All through the power of co-ownership.

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Do more for more clients

bondsmart is the smart solution for financial institutions with large retail client banks.

Platform features

Tools to support your clients and advisers

Choose their rate

Buy parts of a bond for your client.

Get more for your clients

Invest in high income paying assets in names they know.

Think big. Start small

Invest small amounts over time to build their diversified portfolio.

Choose how long to invest

Select securities that fit your client's timeframe.

Track their investments

Full transaction history and log of your cashflows to keep you informed.

Do more for more clients

Fits around your existing advisory process. Use technology to reach more clients.

Making fixed income investment easier

Whether you’re a financial adviser looking for new ideas, or a financial institution seeking efficient ready-made income technology for a large customer base, we are always keen to have a conversation with new business partners who are excited about the potential of bondsmart.